What payment methods do you accept?

Our services are available for payment through various methods to ensure convenience for our clients. We accept international bank transfers via the SWIFT system, making payment easy and secure for clients from different countries. Additionally, we support payment through the PayPal payment system, which allows online transactions using a PayPal account or credit cards. And, of course, we accept payment by credit card, providing our clients with a flexible and convenient way to make purchases or pay for services. We strive to provide maximum convenience in choosing a payment method to meet the needs of all our clients.


Can I make payment on behalf of a company?

Certainly, you can make payment on behalf of your company. We offer services for both individuals and legal entities and are ready to accept payments from companies. When making payment on behalf of the company, please also provide us with the VAT identification number of your company. This will help us ensure proper documentation and compliance with all necessary tax and legal requirements. We value your cooperation and are ready to provide all the necessary support for a convenient and transparent payment process from your company.


Can I deduct VAT?

Yes, if your company has a VAT number, you can usually deduct VAT (Value Added Tax) as part of your accounting procedure. The process of deducting VAT may vary slightly depending on the country and specific tax rules applicable in your jurisdiction.


Are there any additional expenses I should consider when placing an order?

When placing an order, besides the main cost of the product or service, it's important to consider any potential additional expenses to avoid unpleasant surprises. Yes, in our case, it's worth noting that delivery to islands is considered an additional service and is charged separately.
Delivery to islands may incur additional costs due to increased distance or special logistical requirements. These expenses may include additional transportation costs, cargo handling, or additional duties associated with transporting to islands.
Please take note of these additional expenses when placing your order to accurately calculate the total cost of your purchase or service. We strive to ensure transparency and honesty regarding pricing, so we provide all necessary information about additional expenses in advance. If you have any questions regarding delivery costs or other additional expenses, feel free to contact our customer support for further information.